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About Rentleys

Buying ethnic wear has its own challenges. When our founder, Ms. Pruthvi faced these challenges, she thought about starting Rentleys. The challenges faced are not only at the time of buying but they start well before the buy and never end! Well before the buy, one has to spend countless hours moving around designer studios in the city exploring the outfits at various places. Finalise and shortlist some outfits for approval of two different sets of people; first from your fiancé (who generally would agree to all that you throw at him) and second, from the financers! May be your own bank, may be your parents’ or may be your fiancé’s. After you complete the difficult stages of going through these steps, you dazzle in your outfit (which you’d never wear again)! After the event, the outfit is packed, sealed and locked away in some part of the closet only to be removed and AWWWWed upon at that time of the year, Diwali.
In this world of social media, one outfit gets a hundred clicks on the day you wear them! Then? You can’t wear that again because you have worn the same outfit amongst almost the same people at a different event! Plus another thing is that you can’t wear your occasion’s outfit at someone else’s party cause that would make all eye-balls stare at you pulling the attention away from the host!
So many hassles!
That’s what gave birth to Rentleys, a brainchild of Pruthvi Shah! Since her engagement in February, she has been working on this project, choosing the right styles, making the correct choices, handpicking fabrics, getting that perfect amount of glitter, dyeing the gown, re-dyeing it to match her expectations, sourcing the desired nitty-gritties, making the website, demanding perfection and choosing nothing but the best to serve Ahmedabad with what it deserves! ALL THAT AT A SMALL CHUNK OF THE TOTAL COST! Yes!
Rentleys is a rental store where you get exquisite chosen designs, ranging from timeless classics (where you can never go wrong) to the funkiest experiments (that make you the fashion diva of your circle)! All this with only one thing at the centre of it all, YOU! Rentleys is a result of sheer hard-work put in by a qualified chartered accountant, having a high paying job and bright career before her! But she chose to start Rentleys, not to make monies out of it but because she felt that Ahmedabad can be given much more in terms of cost effective fashion!
The clear objective with which Rentleys is setup is to cut the costs in this increasingly expensive world! Marriages are becoming more and more money-sucking by the passing day and our greed of fashion never lets us settler for anything less! In the process, we end up paying a fortune for something that we are to use for a day and never again! Why not do all this without associating that one factor – COST!
Rentleys is a store having unique ideas to serve Ahmedabad with the highest quality of fashion at the most affordable prices!
Stay tuned! Not much to wait now! Launching mid-August!
Online (cause it is the need) and Offline – You don’t finalise an outfit for your own event without feeling it, eh! 😉