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What do you do to your bought ethnic outfits?

  • • You wear them again
  • • You wear them once more
  • • You hesitatingly wear them even one more time
  • • You pack it!
  • • You store it!
  • • It annoys you when you stuff your wardrobe and this PACK falls on you!

Well, we are here to help you! And a lot many others like you!

It is simple. We are into the business of providing ethnic outfits on rent. You are saddled with bought outfits which are not being used but is using up a lot of storage. We partner with you and do the following:

  • Our team visits your place and takes your outfit against a memo to the effect acknowledging receipt.
  • Our experts review the products for quality issues and approve it for the next step!
  • Our fashion review team checks the product to match our design philosophy and its potential for going on rent
  • Once approved, we communicate our acceptance along with the commercial terms and contract for the custody of your outfits
  • Your outfit goes on rent! We manage it all!
  • We make you the pay-out of your share of rent after we receive the outfit back from the customer.
  • We both be happy!

Well, it’s a win-win for you and us! Let’s make it happen! Fill up the below form and let us know your interest and some details about your outfit! We are eagerly waiting for enthusiasts like you to create a mark by making fashion affordable to all!